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Le Commencement is a stunning tableau that draws inspiration from biblical passages and the grand order of creation. Featuring a depiction of the primordial waters and the entities responsible for the creation of the earth, this piece of art is truly unique. Unlike the paintings of the Renaissance, Le Commencement captures a moment in time that has never been expressed before. Perfect for collectors or those who appreciate the beauty of religious art, this tableau is sure to impress.

le commencement

  •  Hauteur 200cm, Largeur 130cm

    Œuvre originale de Masa ZODROS Tirage en haute définition .
    Tirage professionnel Hahnemühle fine art baryta satin 300g, à encadrer.
    Garantie Vendue avec certificat d'authenticité tirage limité 30 exemplaires.

    livraison en tube

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